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Delusions of a wandering mind.

That which we love and fear

16 July 1986
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Welcome to lindir_jax, the personal icon journal of hippydeath.
Feel free to friend the journal, but I probably won't add you back, as I tend to keep my flist to communities and the few icon makers I want to watch.

I use PS 7 for most of my icons and wallpapers, Animation Shop 3 for any animations, and most of my older icons (before November 2004) were made in Paint Shop Pro 8, which I still use for odds and ends.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The rules are pretty simple.

1. Do not hotlink. It's rude, and when I do one of my shuffles of stuff, you'll look stupid. This is especially true for the wallpapers, which I'd rather were not used on the web. Personal desktop use only please.

2. Do NOT claim as your own. Again with the bad manners, and again with the looking stupid if I find you.

3. Do NOT edit these icons. I make these icons how I think they should look. If you have a suggestion or you want different text (or you want text adding to a blank icon) just ask. I'm a nice person, but if I say an icon is not a blank, I do actually mean it.

4. Let me know if you're taking anything. Or even if you're not, comments are always appreciated. It helps to know what icons are popular, so I can work on more of the same.

5.Credit. 'lindir_jax' is all it needs although I'm not a credit nazi, so don't worry too much.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com